Abraham Smith on Nathan Hauke

After Lucretius

Thank you with a raspberry seed in the hollow of my tooth

[from Indian Summer Recycling (in-progress manuscript)]

ah lucretius. emperor of a pleasurable swerve. & how will hauke parade a sweet parrot, of you, through you. in simples, with a pithy sweet jaw. with 15 syllables. such red good here. & what a thing to think. all those words just yesterday out through a former repast, wedged back in there. do i dial a more beautiful truth through spinach or kale? faced with all that one could say to one of our sturdiest trellises, it’s the white space that speaks. & trailing off there, it’s hauke’s gift to lu and to us: creator: a little thread of ink trailing off there: the raspberry seed buried twice: once in the line and once in the tooth’s little cup: seed such a sweet key to it all: seed you little rankler you little happy bother left behind: hauke’s thank you sitting–a tongue to a mouthroof–so close to lucretius, my drifty eye wants to say he thanks lucretius: but hauke’s hat-tip is elsewhere: we are in debt, our every grand attention, in debt to the things we attend: what a potlatch, a thinker; what a potlatch, the world:

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