Kate Greenstreet on Gina Myers

Each day I think more & more about the past,
about where things began to go wrong, where I, too,
began to go wrong. Before I moved, before I
got sick, before I unfriended you on Facebook,
before I decided I no longer loved you,
before New York, before college—thinking back
to childhood when we could run fearless
through the neighborhood at night, when
we didn’t think about the future, when we loved
our country because we didn’t know better.
—Gina Myers, from Hold It Down (Coconut Books, 2013)

I love these lines and keep coming back to them. Every time I read them, I’m surprised because this is exactly how I feel.

How can these lines so precisely express my feelings when the life that the writer describes has been very different from mine? I’ve tried to figure it out. But really, I just don’t know.



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  1. Gina Myers captures something of what Kate Greenstreet is all about. I have Greenstreet’s books and have been privileged to hear her perform twice. Kate is a phenomenon. If she speaks highly of Gina Myers, then I am sure I have another great poetic experience in store.

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