—Cate Peebles reads from Thicket at Berl’s Poetry Shop in NY October 13, 2018

—Cate Peebles’ Thicket is available from SPD. Buy a copy here!

—The Stanford Festival in Fayetteville, Arkansas was wonderful with readings by Jessica Baran, Rachel Moritz and Cate Peebles—a first to have three Brigham Award winners reading together! Thank you to Matt and Open Mouth Readings.

Rachel Moritz’s Sweet Velocity reviewed in the Star Tribune

—Rachel Moritz read at Content Bookstore in Northfield, MN

—Jessica Baran read from Common Sense at Subtarannean Books

Linda Russo’s Participant reviewed in Poetry NW by Phillip Rafferty

—Linda Russo’s Participant reviewed in Omniverse by Sara Burant

Hick Poetics reviewed by Abby Minor in Fourth River Literary Review

—Jessica Baran’s newest collection, Common Sense, is available now!

—Linda Russo’s Participant reviewed in Jacket2 by Anna Reckin

—Linda Russo read in Fort Collins April 19, Laramie April 21, Denver April 22, Reno April 25, and San Francisco April 28. Click for details.

—Hick Poetics reviewed by Zach Groesbeck in Front Porch Journal

—The Scottish Poetry Library recently interviewed Linda Russo. Click here to listen.

—Linda Russo’s Participant, winner of the 2014 Brigham Award, is now available from SPD. Click to buy.

—Rest in Peace Hick Poetics contributor and literary lion Jim Harrison

Hick Poetics reviewed by Michael Denis in Today’s Book of Poetry

—Stalwart Lost Roads’ editor C.D. Wright has passed away. A lovely “Postscript” by Ben Lerner appears in the New Yorker.

—Hick Poetics Editors Abe Smith & Shelly Taylor and numerous HickPo authors will be at this year’s Montana Book Festival, Sept. 10–12. Come hear them read in Missoula!

Denver Quarterly reviews Jessica Baran’s Equivalents

What About This: Frank Stanford’s Collected reviewed in the New Republic

What About This: Frank Stanford’s Collected reviewed in the NYTimes

—Join Lost Roads for the Hick Poetics release and reading at Patrick’s Cabaret in Minneapolis, Thursday, April 9, 7:30pm.

—Find us at the AWP Bookfair, we’re sharing booth 202 and will have Hick Poetics, Temper & Felicity & Equivalents on-hand.

—Hick Poetics is out and available through SPD.

—C.D. Wright on Frank Stanford at poets.org.

—Read more of Besmilr Brigham’s work excavated by Robert Snyderman and shared with the world at the Volta’s Evening Will Come.

—kathryn l. pringle reading with Andrea Rexilius, and A. Minetta Gould at Leon Works in Denver, Nov. 8, 2015

—kathryn l. pringle reading and workshop in Laramie, November 7 & 8, 2015

—kathryn l. pringle reading in Raleigh at So & So Bookstore. Hear pringle read from Temper & Felicity Are Lovers alongside writers Eric Baus, Laura Jaramillo, Erica Lewis, Joanna Ruocco, & Mathias Svalina. Friday, 10/24/14 @ 8pm in Raleigh, NC @ So & So Bookstore.

—2nd Brigham Award Winner, kathryn l. pringle, reads at the Kelly Writers House in Philly.

—Uncollected Besmilr Brigham poems in the Kenyon Review (Fall 2014). Thank you Robert Snyderman for your work with Brigham’s archive!

Temper & Felicity Are Lovers by kathryn l. pringle has arrived! Buy it here or at SPD.

—kathyrn l. pringle wins the 2013 Brigham Award for Women Writers for her book Temper & Felicity Are Lovers

—Lost Roads is looking for interns! Interested parties please send a cover letter explaining relevant experience, interest and your resume to: lostroadspublishers@gmail.com

Front Porch Reviews Jessica Barn’s Equivalents

—Susan Scarlata presents on “Race in Besmilr Brigham’s Writing” at the Thinking Its Presence conference in Missoula, MT | April 10, 2014

The Rumpus Reviews Jessica Baran’s Equivalents

—Baran & Scarlata conversing at the Conversant

—Lorenzo Thomas’ “Finders Losers: Frank Stanford’s Song of the South”

—On Dissonance: Jessica Baran in Poetry Society of America

—Jessica Baran Reading at Night Heron Books, Laramie

—Youth Writing Workshop with Jessica Baran, Laramie

—Jessica Baran, Mark DuCharme, Della Watson, & Jessica Wickens Read at Counterpath, Denver

—Quarterly West reviews Jessica Baran’s Equivalents 

—Scribbler reviews Jessica Baran’s Equivalents

—Deborah Jackson Taffa on Kamau Brathwaite’s Trench Town Rock

—Jessica Baran, Susan Scarlata, and Bronwen Tate read July 6 in Oakland at LONE GLEN

—Frank Stanford’s poem The Pump up at the Poetry Foundation

—Jessica Baran reads at Left Bank Books in St. Louis.

—Jessica Baran reads from Equivalents at AWP with readers from Coconut, Horse Less, and 1913 at the Distillery Gallery in Boston. 3/9 | 7:00-10:00 | Join us!

—Steve Stern on Frank Stanford at NPR

—Flashpoint Magazine reviews John Taggart’s Standing Wave

—Hunter Kennedy, of the Minus Time, on Short Stories with recommendation of Stanford’s Conditions Uncertain & Likely To Pass Away at Short Form

—Susan Scarlata on Jessica Baran’s Equivalents winner of first Brigham Women Writers’ Award in St. Louis Magazine

—Ata Moharreri on Frank Stanford at Massachusetts Review blog

—Abramson on The Battlefield Where the Moon Says I Love You in The Huffington Post

—Rob Mclennan interviews J.L. Jacobs (find her Leaves in Her Shoes still available from Lost Roads at SPD)

—Robert Snyderman presented “The Storm Is Not Outside Us: A Seminar on Spirit and Nomadism in Besmilr Brigham’s Poetry”

—Emily Carr on Besmilr Brigham in ISLE Volume 19 Issue 1 Winter 2012

—1st Annual Besmilr Brigham Women Writers Award announced

—Expecting the Fulcrum issue on the Poetry Foundation

—Henricksen on his feature on Frank Stanford in Fulcrum

—Great American Pinup reviews Frank Stanford’s The Singing Knives

—Scarlata on Brathwaite & Taggart

—Charlotte Pence on Frank Stanford’s You